Tool Sharpening

A big step towards sustainable production is the reuse of worn tools. Benefit from stable tool life through our tool sharpening shop.

Increase your machine availability with our Tool Sharpening Service

A customer statement like this always pleases us and shows us: As a tool sharpening shop, we really understand our craft. We are ahead of the game! In our highly competitive market of tool sharpening and special tools, we assert ourselves through something that makes us unique: our processes, our reproducibility, our size. Thanks to our long-standing customers, including those in the aerospace industry, we are sensitive to stable cutting processes for our tools.

What makes us so strong in resharpening is also our advantage in new tooling: transparent reproducibility from batch size 1. To ensure that we remain at this high level, we are involved in numerous research and development projects for tooling solutions of the future at colleges and universities.

The Quality of our Tool Sharpening Service

Discover the quality of our resharpened tools by yourself.

Effektiver Nachschliff - effiziente Prozesse
Maschinenverfügbarkeit erhöhen mit Werkzeugen aus unserer Werkzeugschleiferei
Beratung & Service Mit unserem Know How wissen wir ganz genau, welche Werkzeuge Sie für den reibungslosen Zerspanprozess benötigen. Unser Team berät Sie gerne u.a. zur passenden Geometrie und Beschichtung.
Maschinenverfügbarkeit erhöhen mit Werkzeugen aus unserer Werkzeugschleiferei
Maschinenverfügbarkeit erhöhen mit Werkzeugen aus unserer Werkzeugschleiferei
Maschinenverfügbarkeit erhöhen mit Werkzeugen aus unserer Werkzeugschleiferei

Customer feedback about our tool sharpening service

Service of our Tool Sharpening Shop

  • Collect your tools that are used and wear out during your production. Mass is not what matters here. Our resharpening quality already applies to quantities starting at 1.

  • Simply send us your order for resharpening. If the tools are drawing-based, send us the corresponding technical documents. Alternatively, our team will also support you in determining the tool geometries.

  • Send us your worn tools. You can send them by parcel service or use our pick-up and delivery service! Contact us directly and we will be happy to help you.

  • We take care of the resharpening of your tools. Our tool sharpening service operates with a reproducible and process-reliable resharpening procedure. As a result, you can immediately start using your tools once you have them back in your shop.

  • Once you have received your resharpened tools back from us, you can start using them again in your production. A tool can undergo several sharpening cycles. This prevents you from having to make expensive new purchases! Thereby you get to use the full potential of our tools.

Save Costs

Invest in a good tool and have it resharpened. This extends the life cycle of a tool. You can keep using the tool for a longer period of time.


We work with strict resharpening specifications. This results in stable sharpening processes. You always receive your tools in the same high quality.

Precisely adjusted

Tools should fit your application. For an efficient milling process, you need the right tool for the job. We will be happy to offer you advice!

Regrinding tools - The benefits

The topic of resharpening a tool evokes different emotions. Many users complain about having to readjust and test their machines for the tool before they can start production. This massively increases the setup time. However, a well resharpened tool can increase tool life and thus machine availability.

Using a special standard tool sharpening process, our team has managed to minimize precisely this hurdle for users. Our customers can use the tools directly due to our reproducible processes. This enables the opportunity to replace more expensive new tool purchases with several resharpenings of already purchased tools. This extends the tool life cycle, you have satisfied machine operators, you save money and on top of that you are on the road to sustainability.

The classic negotiation objective is the reduction of the procurement costs of the tool and the cost reduction of the resharpening service.

In an analysis of the machine hourly rate, these items usually make up 3-4%, depending on the application. With a saving of 3% in procurement as well as tool grinding, the total saving is only 0.12%. We will show you how you can sustainably achieve more yield by taking a different path.

Beside the purchasing conditions, there are other possible factors for indirect cost reduction. We focus on increasing the degree of utilization for our customers. This usually offers a greater savings potential.

You can convince yourself of the possible results by looking at our references. There, together with our customer, we have already been able to achieve up to 18% improvements in results, with the same hourly machine rate. You can find a detailed case study in our scenario below.

We repeatedly receive positive feedback from the market about our long-standing cooperation with a nearby partner. Geographical proximity is definitely an advantage. However, an economic analysis should be carried out at regular intervals. With our reproducible processes and increased tool life, we do not only satisfy our customers in the region but also beyond the borders. Our tools are resharpened with our Linner Standard Grind and achieve longer tool life. This increases the machine running time.

The savings potential can be converted into an increase in yield. When looking at the total machine hour rate, the increase in yield can be as much as 25%. So how do we figure this out? Take a closer look at our case study.

Do you have any questions or are you interested in learning more? If you are interested, our contact person will check the potential for increasing your yield directly with you.

The following video shows a common scenario in which the classic price negotiation is contrasted with the increase in yield through tool sharpening. Assuming the calculation, up to 25% yield increase per year can be achieved by resharpening tools. The secret: a constant machine hourly rate with increased effectiveness.