Suitable for your project, we offer couplings from our standard stock program. Further individualizations are possible on demand.

In our stock program we offer the following variants of our couplings:

  • SERVO FLEX, flexible Coupling
  • Oldham Couplings
    • Standard Style
    • Solid Style
  • Torque Limiters & Spare Parts
  • Chain Couplings
  • Torque Limiter Chain Couplings
  • Curved Tooth Gear Couplings
  • Jaw Type Couplings

Customizing of our standard products acc. to drawing and customer requirements:

  • Finished bore acc. to ISO fit H7
  • Keyway according to DIN 6885/1
  • Thread for set screw and fixing hole

Chain Couplings

In addition to our standard range, chain couplings are also available in other sizes and in stainless steel - please inquire.

Jaw Type Couplings

Our standard range offers couplings for maximum speed of 3.300 - 22.200 min-1 and max. torque of 15 - 4.800 Nm. For applications requiring higher torques, gear rims with hardness of 95-98 Shore A are available.

Couplings Overview

This section contains a selection of our products with further links to the respective technical specifications. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us and we will be pleased to advise you on your project.

SERVO FLEX Flexible Coupling
SERVO FLEX Flexible Coupling
Oldham Coupling Standard Clamp Style
Oldham Coupling Standard Clamp Style
Oldham Coupling Standard Solid Style
Oldham Coupling Standard Solid Style
Torque Limiters and Spare Parts
Torque Limiters and Spare Parts
Torque Limiter Chain Couplings
Torque Limiter Chain Couplings
Curved Tooth Gear Couplings
Curved Tooth Gear Couplings
Jaw Type Couplings
Jaw Type Couplings

Good to know: Couplings

Ultrahigh-rigidity flexible coupling

This coupling model is a metal disk type coupling with lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy used for the clamp hub. For the assembly, there are two mounting systems available, first a bore with keyway and second a frictional clamping connection. The coupling has a high torsional rigidity and responsiveness. Type 1 with single element and ultrahigh rigidity and Type 2 with
double elements and flexibility are available. Each coupling type is compliant to the RoHS.



  • Superbly strong high-strength aluminum alloy adopted
  • Low inertia achieved by the shaft diameter interlock-type hub outer diameter
  • No hazardous substances used, RoHS Directive compliant
  • High-rigidity single element
  • High-flexibility double element
  • Taper shaft-compatible adapter
  • Clamp mounting only with one bolt

Upon request we will provide detailed product information with more specifications about the new coupling series - there you will find a detailed description of the type as well as geometric dimensions and performance data of the various sizes. In case of need, please send us your inquiry!

Our torque limiters protect machines, with drives of sprockets, gears or pulleys, against overload damage. The torque limiters are robust and easy to adjust and assemble. They transmit torque in both directions. The organic friction linings are resistant to wear, work in dry condition and bring about a force-locked connection between the drive and output components .


The required torque can be selected by adjusting the nut and by positioning of the cup springs. These cup cprings can be stacked one or several times (see cup spring layering,Type 1 or Type 2). This results in a relatively exact adjusting of torque between 7% and 100% of max. torque. The torque limiters should be protected from oil and grease. Torque rating, condition of friction lining and functioning should be checked from time to time.


The mounted elements must have parallel mating surface (0,02 mm) with a max. peak-to-valley height of 6 µm. The width of the slide rings has to be adapted to the transmitting elements.

Standard-Chain couplings consist of 2 Standard sprockets, which are coupled with a Duplex-Roller chain acc. to DIN 8187. Our chain couplings are very easy to fit and remove. They can accomodate small variations in shaft alignment which should be kept as small as possible.


In order to select the size of coupling multiply the output by the load factor (between 1,0 and 4,0) and use this figure for selection.

Our Curved-tooth couplings capable of coping with axial (+ 1 mm), radial (+ 0,4 mm) and angular (2°) shaft displacements. These couplings are virtually free from wear because of their design and the material combination of nylon and steel. The selection of materials ensures that this maintenance free coupling can be subjected to high dynamic loads up to 100 %.


The standard jaw type couplings are supplied with a gear rim with 92 Shore A. For higher torques, a gear rim with 95 - 98 Shore A hardness can be put in - please send your inquiry!