Spur Gears

Our range of products comprises spur gears with straight and helical teeth, spur gear discs and gear rims in ground as well as milled design, manufactured in various modules, dimensions and materials, as well as hardened and coated.

We offer spur gears in standard design in stock, which are immediately available for you on-demand.

  • ground, straight & helical
  • milled, straight & helical
  • milled, straight & induction hardened
  • milled from stainless material
  • made of plastic, machined
  • made of plastic, injection molded

We also have other designs in stock:

  • Backlash-free spur gear system
  • Flange pinion
  • Master gears

Technical specifications for the respective cylindrical gear designs can be found in the download area.

According to drawing and customer requirement, we manufacture spur gears, pinion shafts and gear rims in numerous designs

Spur Gears & Gear Rims
  • Straight or helical teeth
  • External and internal gear
  • Parts in ground quality: toothing-Ø up to 2 000 mm; toothing in any modules and special pitches
  • Parts in milled quality: toothing-Ø up to 5 000 mm; toothing up to module 24
  • Materials, hardening or surface coating according to customer requirements
Gear Segments

In addition to the manufacturing possibilities of gear rims (mentioned above), segments with larger pitch circle diameters are available on request.

Hirth Serration
  • Milled and hardened design
  • 45° and 60° profile angle
  • Backlash-free, self-centering serration at the end face of cylindrical shaft for a rigid and centrical connection of shafts, discs and gears
  • Highest indexing and repeat accuracy
Herringbone Gears

Gears with herringbone gearing are available on request; outer-Ø up to 1,400 mm.

Spur Gears Overview

This section contains a selection of our products with further links to the respective technical specifications. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us and we will be pleased to advise you on your project.

Preloaded Double Pinion
Preloaded Double Pinion
Master Gears Straight & Helical
Master Gears Straight & Helical
Spur Gears
Spur Gears Ground Straight & Helical
Ground Straight & Helical
Spur Gears Milled, Straight
Milled, Straight
Spur Gears Milled, Straight, Induction Hardened
Milled, Straight, Induction Hardened
Spur Gears Milled, Straight, Stainless Steel
Milled, Straight, Stainless Steel
Spur Gears Synthetic Material, Machined
Synthetic Material, Machined
Spur Gears Synthetic Material, molded
Synthetic Material, molded

Designs and Special Solutions

Our new Preloaded Double Pinion enables a back-lash-free drive in connection with a rack. A flange acc. to ISO 9409-1 connects the Preloaded Double Pinion with a gearbox. The Preloaded Double Pinion is available as either helical or straight teeth type.

In addition to our standard range shown above, we offer customized Flange Pinions as well. Parameters such as module or number of teeth can be chosen freely to suit customers' requirements. Please send us your specific configuration in order to receive an accordant offer.

The teeth of the master-gears are case-hardened and ground. The hub and the bore will be machined according to the operating range. Thereby the delivery time is shorter and the spectrum of applications will be enlarged. Our Master-Gears are available in modules 2 - 6.

Our Bevel and Spur gears made of acetal resin (Hostaform C) are manufactured by injection moulding. Their relatively high hardness and low friction coefficient gives them particulary good wear properties. Their running characteristics are not effected by air humidity or lubricating oil. They operate satisfactorily in water and are resistant to many chemicals.


Under normal loads and working conditions they can operate at temperatures between -40° C and +100° C.

Spur Gears Customized Segment Gear
Spur Gears Customized Special Toothing Preloaded Double Pinion
Spur Gears Customized
Spur Gears Customized Synthetic Material
Spur Gears Customized Pinion Shaft
Spur Gears Customized Pinion Shaft