Screw Jacks

Our product range comprises high-speed and standard screw jacks of different performance classes and with various accessories. Speed, power, and stroke length of the screw jacks can be configured according to the customer’s requirements.

In addition to standard-screw jacks and high-speed screw jacks, our standard stock program also includes accessories such as

  • Swivel Plates
  • Flanged Nuts
  • Steel Clevis
  • Rod Heads
  • Expansion Bellows
  • Safety Nuts
  • Pedestal Bearings
  • Handwheels
  • Cardan Shafts
  • and Motor Flanges

Technical specifications can be found in the data sheet in our download area.

Screw Jacks

  • Speed, power and stroke length customized to suit your operating conditions
  • Number of input shafts to meet your requirements
  • Trapezoidal and ball screw spindles with non-standard diameters and pitches are available
  • Selection of different head types
  • Protection against contamination by bellows made of different materials and spring steel covers
  • Combination with angle gears, couplings and motors acc. to your order

Areas of applications

For the use of screw jacks in corrosive environments (and in addition to the standard aluminum housings of series 562-/563-0 .. | -1 .. | -2 .. and 567-/569-0 ..), phosphatised housings are available for all other screw jack sizes.

Optional versions

Furthermore, we offer for all series optional:

  • Spindles and spindle heads made of stainless steel (materials 1.4301 and 1.4305)
  • Worm shafts made of stainless material
  • Housings with special coating

Heavy duty series

In case of heavy series application with bevel gears and motor flange according to customized requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Screw Jacks Overview

This section contains a selection of our products with further links to the respective technical specifications. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us and we will be pleased to advise you on your project.

Das Lieferprogramm umfasst Schnell- und Standard-Spindelhubgetriebe in unterschiedlichen Leistungsklassen sowie diverses Zubehör. Geschwindigkeit, Leistung und Hub der Spindelhubgetriebe sind auch entsprechend Kundenwunsch konfigurierbar.
Standard- & Schnell-Spindelhubgetriebe

Good to know: Our Accessories

In the standard configuration, expansion bellows are made of material PN-100 or PN-200 and they are secured at both ends with galvanized metal collars. In the case of extension limits AL > 1000 mm, the expansion bellows are fitted with limiting devices, which prevent overexpansion of the individual bellow segment.

If they are arranged in a tilted or horizontal position, the flexible protection boots must be fitted (from a strokelength of 400 mm onwards) with support rings in order to prevent them engaging with the threads.

If the main nut breaks through the short safety catch nut takes the axial strain over. This considerably increases the operating safety of the drive elements. With increasing erosion of the running nut, the distance X between the two nut gets smaller. If distance X = 0, the running nut has to be changed. The catch nut can be controlled with limit switches.

In the case of worm gear screw jacks used on theatre stages (VBG 16.4.5), lifting platforms (VBG 14) or jacking systems that might affect personal safety, lifting elements are designed according to current regulations. They include such items as anti-drop systems (self-locking spindles and/or mechanical safety brakes as part of the drive system). The function of the synchronizing device is guaranteed, when required, by additional components.

The pedestal bearings are useful to support long cardan shafts at high speed. It depends on length and speed of the cardan shaft if one or more bearings are mounted serial. The pedestal bearings with self-aligning ball bearings are maintenance-free.

The handwheels are used to move and adjust the screw jacks by hand. The handwheels are let in spokes made of cast aluminium. The crank handle is rotable.